We’ve long admired Lane DeGregory for her boundless curiosity and talent for storytelling. Learning more about how A Message From Roger came together is a delight; love how good writers are open to opportunity; love the play-by-play of the chase and the catch. Thanks to Society for Features Journalism for summing up how great journalism works: * That curiosity […]

A judge has given JR one of her final steps toward freedom: no more curfew. At a scheduled hearing in Medicine Hat Court of Queen’s Bench this morning, JR was freed from having to be at home Monday to Thursday nights. The convicted killer is celebrating her 22nd birthday this fall. These steps toward complete […]

Today’s news about the launch of the Calgary Homicide Support Society comes nine years after my 2006 story about Calgarians who used to meet at the Rockyview General Hospital chapel to attend the city’s, and perhaps the country’s, only therapy group for people who have lost loved ones to murder. Great to see this concept […]

Today marks nine years since Medicine Hat’s Richardson family was murdered by JR and Jeremy Steinke. Jacob would be graduating from high school three weeks from now. There’s little doubt the family would be thriving. Thinking of them and all who live with the pain of their loss. Time is not a cure-all for grief. […]

There’s much conversation on our Facebook page about the latest developments on JR and her most recent court-ordered sentence review hearing. Coles Notes: JR is showing signs of success and obeying her curfew. By springtime, she’ll be living more independently, meaning no watchful landlord keeping tabs on her curfew, etc. This is one of the […]

Inside J.R.’s sentencing review hearing, it was all business. A carefully vetted presented assessment that was light on making public specific details and familiar in heaping praise on her obedience: following curfew and contact conditions, therapy participation etc. Once again, J.R. was painted as the poster child of Canada’s Intensive Rehabilitation and Custody and Supervision […]

J.R. is in the homestretch serving time for her triple first-degree murder conviction. Now nearly 21, she is facing a judge Thursday, Sept. 11 for one of her final sentencing review hearings. I’ll be there covering the story for the Calgary Herald, so follow me on Twitter @GirlReporter for the updates at 10 a.m. For […]


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