Florida teens echo Runaway Devil & Soul Eater

Whoa. Shades of Runaway Devil in Ocala, Florida

Daughter, 13, gets 15-year-old boyfriend to slit mother’s throat.

This kind of case made history in Canada. I’m wondering what Americans think of it?

It’s eerily similar to Runaway Devil’s case: A woman had her throat slit by her teenage daughter’s boyfriend.

The girl’s parents opposed the relationship (shock) and the pair were planning on running off together (he told the mother that he could take care of the 13-year-old, investigators say).

They hatched a plan over the telephone and then on Facebook, working out the details of where the “ambush” would take place.

They agreed the garage was best.

Thankfully, the mother survived and the father was uninjured.

As followers of Runaway Devil and Jeremy Steinke’s case know, it doesn’t have to be a good plan to be a plan for murder.

The boy ended up driving the bleeding woman to the hospital, forcing her to promise the teens could stay together.

Galling still is that he nagged the mother not sue him for the attack that could have killed her.

Both teens are charged with two counts each of conspiracy to commit murder and one count each of attempted murder in the second degree.



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