“I understand you like strange stories…”

We’ve long admired Lane DeGregory for her boundless curiosity and talent for storytelling.

Learning more about how A Message From Roger came together is a delight; love how good writers are open to opportunity; love the play-by-play of the chase and the catch.

Thanks to Society for Features Journalism for summing up how great journalism works:

* That curiosity remains the essential journalistic skill. The best writers see the world as a storehouse of story ideas.

* That a writer needs many more story ideas than he or she can actually process.

* That luck – in this case the presence of the boy’s mother in Florida – is the byproduct of hard work and preparedness.

* That you want to be able to observe directly as much as you can without intruding on the privacy of others or unnaturally changing their behavior.

* That collaboration with a good editor can help you solve important problems and overcome your doubts and weaknesses.

* That, when it comes to storytelling, an open heart is just as powerful as a skeptical mind.

Lane DeGregory sums up the subtle art of being there best:

“The slices of life I love most usually are ones no one else sees. I comb the back streets and bars, chat up bus drivers and eat at all-night diners. Co-workers kid me about seeing stories everywhere. That’s my biggest asset. And my biggest downfall: I believe everyone has a story. And I believe almost everyone.”


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