Richardson murders 11 years later

Today marks 11 years since the Richardson family murders on April 23, 2006. 

This community memorial is at Jacob’s Mother Theresa School’s playground. Jacob was eight when he was murdered at the family’s suburban home in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Now, he would have been in university. This playground signage is a touching tribute to the family whose legacy almost remained shrouded in secrecy due to court publication bans.

Currently, much has changed and sadly some things remain the same. The Richardsons’ daughter, JR, remains Canada’s youngest multiple murderer and has served her maximum youth sentence for three counts of first-degree murder of her family. At age 23 she is exploring the world with purpose and a new identity. Her former boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke, remains in prison at age 34. He changed his name to Jackson May, in part to honour his mother. She passed away last spring despite a successful double lung transplant. His family grew, however, as he became an uncle.

Readers of Runaway Devil join us on our Facebook page to talk about the case, but today, let’s take time to honour the memory of Marc, Debra and Jacob. Remember their loved ones and friends and know that the passing of time doesn’t always make grieving easier. Let them know this beloved family will never be forgotten.


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