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“I understand you like strange stories…”

We’ve long admired Lane DeGregory for her boundless curiosity and talent for storytelling. Learning more about how A Message From Roger came together is a delight; love how good writers are open to opportunity; love the play-by-play of the chase and the catch. Thanks to Society for Features Journalism for summing up how great journalism works: * That curiosity […]

Learning from the best

SkillShare This might be too close to seeming like summer school, but it’s pretty thrilling to learn about writer Susan Orlean’s new SkillShare class.

Inspiration is everywhere

Writer Emily Schultz says the idea for her novel, The Blondes, was inspired by a magazine ad. The story focuses on a rabies-like virus that turns blondes into homicidal maniacs. From the National Post: “While reading Vanity Fair on a flight to New York, where the author lives part of the time with her husband […]


The always clever Dan Barry waxes about movies romanticizing journalism, surely a time capsule if ever there was one. It’s a scary time for journalism, but Barry provides some much needed nostalgia about ink-stained wretches and the culture that keeps them crusading to uncover and tell the next big story. I’m in stitches as he recalls […]

Untold Stories

I’m always jealous fascinated by reporters who spy a brief and spot the potential for something bigger, something overlooked. Most famously (in my mind anyway) is the 300-word plug that ran in the New York Times Nov. 16, 1959: Holcomb, Kan., (UPI) — A wealthy wheat farmer, his wife and their two young children were […]

The importance of being there

Gay Talese says as writers, we all see scenes. “Even as a young reporter I would think, Why can’t I do what short-story writers do or as novelists do, which is write scenes? I was thinking scenically because the influence I had was from the great short-story writers that I read in college. When I […]

“The real story sometimes gets lost”

I’m trying to make time each day for a long read, and this Esquire brilliance by Chris Jones on the Zanesville animal escape made my heart race. It is pretty and scary at the same time — my favourite. Jones says he wanted to go to Zanesville from the start, but even though the story was being […]