Give The Man A Hand

When I saw the yellow crime scene tape blocking off an alley as police searched a dumpster, my first thought was: ‘Not again.’ Poor Altadore. First five-year-old Kimmie Thompson was snatched off a street, drowned and thrown away in a snowy garbage can in 1980.

Then, in 1999, gambling addict Deb Point gruesomly dismembered roommate Audrey Trudeau, storing body parts in boxes in a garage for five months. 

Now, a dismembered arm had been found tossed in a dumpster, discovered by a neighbourhood bottle picker. He was traumatized, and my attempts at getting his story weren’t working. For months, whenever I spotted him pushing his shopping cart, I pulled over and tried to coax it from him. I went on rounds with him a few times, and over coffee and root beer, he gave me bits and pieces of his life story. He didn’t reveal much, but it was enough detail that I could verify it.

The day the verdict came down, I knew it was my last chance to tell David Horsman’s story. I drove like a lunatic, sliding on snowy streets before my shift began. Just as I was about to throw in the towel, I caught him from the corner of my eye pushing his ridiculously overloaded cart six blocks away.  He is my favourite unlikely hero.

121330-37462Colleen De Neve, Calgary Herald

Bottle picker’s find cracked murder case: Body part found in trash was key clue
Saturday, February 17, 2007
Sherri Zickefoose
Calgary Herald ©

After killing his best friend, Dean Aaron Commanda went to unimaginable lengths to cover up his crime.

He carved up the corpse.

He tore up blood-soaked carpet and baseboards.

He set fire to his own car.

He thought he was going to get away with murder.

He didn’t.

Commanda’s coverup was foiled by a 44-year-old bottle picker who helped bring Chad Largy‘s killer to justice.

“If  he wasn’t there, I still wouldn’t know my brother was murdered. This whole year, we would have thought that he just vanished,” says Largy‘s sister, Miranda Harris. “Dean would have got away from it fully.”

Harris has never met David Horsman, the homeless man who found her 22-year-old brother’s severed arm in an Altadore garbage container Jan. 20, 2006. The discovery launched an immediate homicide investigation. The rest of Largy‘s dismembered body, believed to be buried in Calgary landfills, has never been found.

“It’s awkward, but I owe him a thank you. He helped a lot. If it wasn’t for him — who knows — this year would have been a lot different,” said Harris, 19.

Commanda, 22, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday. Commanda told police he was defending himself when Largy grabbed a knife and wanted to fight. If true, Largy died starting a fight his best friend finished. The deadly, boozy battle over girls began in Commanda’s Bankview condominium on Jan. 19, 2006. It ended with Largy‘s body gruesomely hacked to pieces, tossed like trash into various city garbage bins.

But Commanda didn’t count on a series of events that would lead a homeless man to the evidence. It was the right kind of body part to find — police identified Largy‘s remains through fingerprints on record and by his tattoo. During one of Horsman’s back alley treasure hunts, he reached into a bin and grabbed a human arm instead of a bottle. His blood ran cold when he saw the gory contents of the black plastic bag, he said. Horsman signalled to a man on a cellphone sitting in an SUV.

“I didn’t even think twice. I just told him, ‘There’s an arm in that Dumpster.’ End of story,” Horsman told the Herald.

The entire exchange — from discovery to reporting to police — took less than five minutes. But in that time, Horsman made a world of difference by breaking a cardinal street rule to mind your own business.

“I did my part as a human being. There’s a family missing a member. You have a duty. You can’t just walk away,” he said.

Horsman has been floating on Calgary streets for a half-dozen years. Born in Nova Scotia, he grew up in Ontario group homes. He did some jail time, tried his luck in B.C. and ended up in Alberta. He may be jobless, but he has a strong work ethic. Most days, Horsman works a labyrinthine circuit with a shopping cart in Bankview, Marda Loop and Altadore.

A bit scrawny and bedraggled under his baseball cap, he uses brute force to push his ridiculously overloaded rig with bags hanging like balloons from the side.

He earns between $40 and $80 a day, thanks in part to his regular customers who leave him their bottles. For weeks after the discovery, he was too spooked to return to the 34th Avenue and 14A Street S.W. alley. Horsman was terrified the guilty party would want him dead, he said. But the garbage bin Horsman searched wasn’t the first place body parts were hidden. Hours after killing Largy on Jan. 19, 2006, Commanda threw his best friend’s arms into a different Altadore garbage bin just a few blocks away. Another bottle picker found the bag that night, thinking it contained deer legs. He carried it a few blocks, opened it under a street light and saw a human arm. He dumped it in the first bin he could find. Horsman found it the next morning.

Leading police to evidence for a homicide case has done little to change Horsman’s life. Last April, his 80-year-old mother was killed in a Hamilton, Ont., house fire that also claimed his 14-year-old nephew. He couldn’t afford to go home for the funerals.

When homicide detectives used a warrant to search Commanda’s condo 11 days after the killing and dismemberment, they found their suspect’s belongings packed and ready to go. They also found several bottles of cleaning supplies. But for all of his obvious bathroom bleaching and vigorous grout scrubbing, Commanda missed a spot. On the side of the toilet bowl, crime scene investigators found a drop of Largy‘s blood. That evidence gave homicide detectives proof that Largy had spent his last moments alive in his friend’s home.

The night before the fatal fight, the two had dinner out and drank into the early-morning hours at Cowboys nightclub. Commanda left the bar with two women after midnight. Largy showed up at his friend’s condo around 2:30 a.m., arriving drunk and angry at being left behind. According to court documents, Commanda’s version of the story paints Largy as the aggressor who yelled at him to call and get the women back. Largy punched his friend. The fight was on. Largy grabbed for a knife. Commanda says he was defending himself and did the same. Largy died in the struggle. In the hours that followed, Commanda began the savage task of dismembering his dead friend.

On Jan. 20, 2006, Commanda rented a U-Haul truck shortly after television news reported police were investigating human remains found in a southwest Dumpster. He drove the truck to a Springbank field and burned butcher knives, a hacksaw and Largy‘s cellphone. He also set the rental truck on fire. Then he drove his own car east of Calgary, removed the licence plate and set it on fire, too.

Commanda went to great lengths covering his tracks, but the evidence found by Horsman sunk his chances of getting away with the crime.

“If it wasn’t for him passing on this information, I’m not sure what would have happened,” said former homicide detective Cliff O’Brien, who was the lead investigator on the case.



  1. gerth brooks · · Reply

    i miss u chad if i ever see this fuckin goof

  2. Big Mo · · Reply

    I went clubbing with both those guys, and chad was a hothead, and dean was a relaxed guy.

    I’m pretty sure chad started it, and dean finished it.

    1. Good Girl · · Reply

      Hey BIG MO your a goof and shouldnt talk shit like that

    2. No one ever deserves to be cut up and tossed away like garbage. Chad was a great guy, friend, brother and most a son. He would give you the shirt off his back! Yes he could throw a punch, but NO ONE! can put that night on chad! NO ONE! was there just going on some word of a killer. Dean killed his boy, Bff over what??? Pussy lol Chad never had issues getn ass. There’s just something mentally wrong with Dean! HE cut up a Body! HE went out of his way to cover his tracks, HE obviously is hiding facts or we all would of some type of closure “chads remains” would be properly laid to rest. Dean doesn’t get props over this and anyone one who spouts off is just as a piece of shit as Dean Commanda.

      RIP Chad! You are Greatly missed and have impacted the hearts and made great memories with in all of us. xoxoxox

      1. Thank you for this post.This is Chad’s step Dad.You are so right that Dean is fucked in the head to be able to do what he did.He has to live the rest of his miserable existance knowing what he did.

    3. Fuck you asshole,that’s my son you are talking puke
      Chad was a good kid,he got caught up with everything and was lost

    4. MandaPanda · · Reply

      And that matters because….?

      Also, what would be the reason that Dean wouldn’t give up the location of Chad’s remains for his grieving mother? That’s not a guy who killed someone in “self defense”. That’s a monster.

  3. i did time with dean he is good shit, so if it went down the way it did then dud fucked up

  4. Hey Tim,Where did you do your time with Dean?In PC like he was??

    1. where is Dean now? why PC?

  5. It doesn’t matter who started the fight, Comanda chose to commit a very violent act. he didn’t have to it but he chose to do it. That’s a lot of rage!!! glad he is behind bars!!! What an animal!!

  6. you choose to do what you do in life! Don’t blame other for your actions! That says a lot about Comanda, he had it in him to do what he did! He is horrifying, monstrous!!!!

  7. They were best friends??? WTF??!!

  8. hey Big Mo, if Dean was so ‘relaxed’ why did he stab Chad to death and then cut up his body? i don’t think someone who is ‘relaxed’ does these things. The ‘monster’ in him finally came out!!! Aha!!!!

    1. He should be out by now

      1. He is out and living in Winnipeg

  9. I wonder who going to waiting on him when he gets out? Hum…let’s see.

  10. Lot’s of people would love to see Dean,me being one of them.

    1. lynda · · Reply

      He’s in winnipeg? Doing what?

    2. teegan · · Reply

      What’s he doing in winnipeg?

      1. He was transferred from Drumheller to Stony Mntn Penitentiary and released last year into Winnipeg. Who are you anyway? And how did you know Chad?

      2. teagan · ·

        I don’t know chad,I’m from winnipeg just wonder what happens when they get the public notifyed?

      3. I live in winnipeg,do they notify the public?

      4. teagan · ·

        @Ed – I never knew Chad, I wondered what happens when they get out? Is the public notifyed? Winnipeg is my hometown

    3. teagan · · Reply

      @Ed – I never knew Chad,wondered what happens when they get out? Is the public notifyed? I’m from Winnipeg

  11. teagan · · Reply

    @Ed- I never knew Chad. Wondered what happens when they get out,is the public notifyed? Winnipeg is my hometown.

  12. teagan · · Reply

    @Ed,I never knew Chad. Just wondering what happens when they get out,is the public notifyed? Winnipeg is my hometown too.

    1. teagan · · Reply

      My comments wouldn’t show..till I posted it 5 times !! Wth?

  13. They only notify the public in matters with children and sexual abuse. He is a piece of shit and he will meet his maker someday and he will burn in hell!!!


  14. I first off want to send out my thoughts and prayers to the family of Chad Largy. I live in Winnipeg and found out yesterday that the mother of my son has been dating the shady Dean Commanda since last year. I use the word shady, because I have still not had the opportunity to meet this guy face to face. He was running a tattoo chop shop out of the back of ex’s house for a source of income towards the end of 2012. My son is 8 years old. We share 50/50 custody, but she tends to spend most of her time as of late with “Dean”. Certain sources notified me today of this horrific crime and tragedy that took place in 2006. I am literally still in shock. Up until now I have been very suspect of him in general. “He lives with roommates”. “He works at a church”. I am a very worried father that really has no control what my ex does on her time, nor do I care as long as my child is taken care of. I worry if Dean is a true sociopath, I also worry that there are people looking for him. I refuse for my boy to be there when they find him.

  15. Hey Tom, I am Chad’s step-dad. If I were you I would try and talk some sense into your ex and tell her what he did. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t divulged that information to her. As far as people looking for him, well let’s just say that he had better stay away from Calgary. I was brought up in Winnipeg. Which church is he working at?

  16. Tom please keep your son away from that situation

    1. Dean is a piece of shit who lies about his past. Contiues to feel no remorse for anything. But gets a new condo built for him,works at Yolo ink and is able to party and enjoy his life with some young girl who knows he’s a murderer! He used my GF lied and took advantage of her kindness. He should leave winnipeg! Why is he here anyway?

  17. Dean is a piece of shit who lies about his past. Contiues to feel no remorse for anything. But gets a new condo built for him,works at Yolo ink and is able to party and enjoy his life with some young girl who knows he’s a murderer! He used my GF lied and took advantage of her kindness. He should leave winnipeg! Why is he here anyway?

  18. It’s where Corrections Canada sent him. I am the step dad of the guy he murdered.

  19. Ed–Dean didn’t only murder our son he also took hia mothers life, if he could for one minute walk one day in my shoes. The only thing that keeps me her is Miranda, mason and Sean. Every morning I wake up still feels like yesterday life will never be tje same sp many thing have happen because of the horrific loss.

  20. Could someone please enlighten me as to why he is out so early ? What a joke our justice system is

    1. You hit that nail on the head. I am the step dad of the victim and I still ask myself that question all the time. As far as I’m concerned, he should have been locked up for at least 25 years for the brutality of the crime. The justice system definitely needs a re-vamping. The number of murders that are dealt with so leniently and work more in the favour of the murderer are atrocious. It sickens me that the offenders right are considered above that of the victim of the crime.

      1. Tina Breton · ·

        So sorry for your brutal loss. This monster WILL burn in hell. He’s in the murder capital- maybe he’ll get what he deserves. If this was his best friend- who the fuck needs enemies? Dean should still be in jail for this devils work

  21. Hes at a tattoo shop in winnipeg..Yolo Ink guess they dont care about who they hire. Winnipeg has its share of lost and murdered women. How do we put up with a guy who cant give a mother peace? Watch Severed the case is there. Evil had a chance to come clean. He stays quiet to save his own skin. That is unreal! Our justice system is a joke! We need laws that work!

  22. @Ed so sorry for your loss and his entire families.
    Just watched the documentary about this case. I live in the UK and our courts are laughable too. What happened to Commanda;s girlfriend, did she get prosecuted for helping him cover up the crime with her false alibi. Speaks volumes about her also if she would be with a thing (can’t think of a word to describe him) that is capable of that evil?

  23. He is under the name of dean tatu. i can not believe he has friends and that he has a girlfriend. anyone who can dismember a body, show no remorse to the mother is def. a threat. To Charles family and friends i am so sorry the justic system failed. he could of got many more yeard for dismemberment , burning evidence, and cleaning a mureder scene. Shame on all who defend this man. you may be his next vicitm. a man who has no remorse and can sleep at night is scary he will do this again.a nd to the woman who is dating him with a child…what is your problem. to the father of the little one, go back to court bring this info out and get full custody.

  24. He looks like a pshco path. grandois opinion of himself and no empathy. Shame on the canadian justice or the lawyer. Either one should be ashamed. 10 yrs for murder and dismemberment i am just shaking my head. people have done more time for possesion of pot. are you kidding me. and he burnt a rental truck. they didnt press charges? beware to the naive people who think he is sweet. if it WAS self defense, why clean up, why burn everything, why dismember. just call hte cops. He is a liar and the girl who covered for him, god knows what you did, karma will get ya. how someone can cover that up knowing that he CUT up his friend and didnt get all upset should be a clue.

  25. and yes it is YOLO tatoo. funny thing is you have to friend request not just like. I can guess why? frriggen cowards. Never ever going there for a tatoo and we were going to have a tattoo party but they lost alot of business and will continue to do so.

  26. *yolo inkk

    1. PC fuckin goof is right, I can’t believe he’s out walking the streets of Winnipeg what a joke. Conservatives want 20 years for someone that grows pot and this piece of shit gets ten for murder and dismemberment FUKT UP

      1. I can’t believe that Big Mo would try to defend what dean did fuck u to Little Mo prolly another chug sticking up for his brotherhood

  27. did he really check into p.c and why? r.i.p chad

  28. Stefano · · Reply

    I’m in Italy, tonight they televised the story of Chad .. 10 years for that bastard is really an insult to life, here you take them 10 years to 10 grams of cocaine

    Sono in Italia, stanotte hanno trasmesso in TV la storia di Chad.. 10 anni per quel bastardo sono veramente un’offesa alla vita, qui 10 anni li prendi per 10 grammi di cocaina..

    1. stefano, ti ho scritto, spero tu mi dia risposta….questo delitto mi ha devastato…..ho commentato alla fine, spero tu veda….


    This is info from his court case which includes his GF and her name at the time.
    Amanda Hutchcroft still living in Calgary

  30. Excuse my language but FUCK YAHHH read this article I guess it is related to this video

    WINNIPEG — Dean Commanda had already been released on parole for killing and dismembering his best friend when, during a crisis of conscience, he approached police last May and offered to help authorities locate some still-missing body parts.

    It was during that conversation that Commanda also admitted he had twice assaulted his new girlfriend.

    Now Commanda is back in prison, his parole revoked, serving another two years for his latest crimes.

    “It is somewhat fortunate for you it is nowhere near as serious as the last offence, but it is still a serious one,” said Judge Rob Finlayson. “Your prior record for violence is of tremendous concern for the court.”

    Court heard Commanda, 30, assaulted his 19-year-old girlfriend two times at his apartment following arguments over religion. During one fight April 21, Commanda threw a laptop at the woman, bruising her ribs and leg. Two weeks later, Commanda slapped the woman in the face, pinned her to a couch and choked her.

    The woman did not report either incident to police.

    Court heard prior to the assaults, the woman had urged Commanda to “ease his conscience” and tell police where they might find the remains of his friend, Chad Largy.

  31. stefano. qual’e’ il programma che hai visto? io ho visto questo caso su murder she solved….lo sto’ cercando in italiano ma non lo trovo…cmq…10 anni sono troppo pochi per un crimine come questo……i really think 10 years are nothing for a crime like this, i’m shocked they gave him just 10 years…..reast in peace chad x and a big hug to your mum and dad x…..

  32. I knew chad, and he was a complete nutter when he was drunk, which was quite often, and had kilos of coke on his coffee table within the past month before his murder. I personally witnessed him do exceedingly irrational things and pick fights with random innoncenr strangers (old Filipino women at ctrain stops).

    I also knew dean, and considered them one in the same. Terribly sorry, but I could see chad doing this, he was far, far, far from an angel

  33. jenandlee · · Reply

    @bigjohn – no one said chad was an angel but he did not kill and dismember a very good friend either. Regardless of the drugs and alcohol which fuel most people Dean went too far. Whether Chad started it or not isn’t the point Dean ended in a very disturbing and quite psychopath way. Not only that if it was self defense why would you dismember and then get rid of the body. Scared you say – okay but now that he is caught and guilty why not reveal where the rest of the body is? This is because I believe is enjoyable to have that power over the police and family members. Don’t forget Dean knew Chad’s Family. Not only that this murder affected another friend my brother and he spiraled down hill from day he heard the news and he is now gone from my life at 29 years old. So please lets not blame the victim or discuss the past when regardless of how heated or aggressive he got under the influence of alcohol or drugs people say he has done he still did not kill and dismember a human being.

  34. Deffening · · Reply

    R.I.P My brother u will always be in my heart and tattooed on my back so I hope u are out there watchin over me cause that’s the kinda BRO!!! U WERE!! I SEEN U PUNCH OUT A MO FO for sleepin with one of our other bro’s girls without even a nod or a sign from him but knowing that he was to emotionally f’d to do it himself. u are a one of a kind and i’ll never forget u my man nor will any of ur true homies. we are still here. still thinkin of u. Just knowing that if we ever see or get a chance………….. shit will be settled! R.I.P. My BROTHA!

  35. Everyone has their problems and this happened to be one of the worst things someone could do, but I know Dean and know he is a good person. I am sorry for your loss, but it takes two people to start a fight. Dean is a good friend and trust him with my life. People make mistakes and have to live with their actions and this is his. It’s eating him alive and I know he truly deeply regrets it. It’s not like if he could go back and change it that he’d do it all over again. He isn’t a horrible person. If the shoe was on the other foot and Chad of killed Dean, you wouldn’t be saying these things about him being a monster, you’d be crying and saying he defended himself.

    1. I think that this has been going on for way too long. Chad has been gone for over 10 years now. Let it rest, please. And by the way, Dean Commanda has gone missing in Winnipeg.

  36. Just seen this in UK so sad I CANT BELIEVE A MURDERER can have a FB page just search Dean Tatu and there he is not a care in the world. In his short useless life he has murdered – and then dismembers poor Chad goes to all lengths to cover it up does the most ridicules jail time, I mean 8 years! People for doing bank jobs where nobody is hurt etc has got a lot more than that. Then he attacks his girlfriend over a religion argument I believe and gets just two ore years. I hope he doesn’t live too much longer because he is going to do the same again. I’m afraid I feel he should be put to death he does not warrant space on this earth!

  37. Concerned · · Reply

    this monster is living in Winnipeg and working at Black’s tattoo shop on Osborne St. I know for a fact that he is not telling any of many women he has been seeing about his horrific crimes.
    If it was really self defense why hide it from people? I want him back in jail!

  38. wiener · · Reply

    Yo fuck you guys who talk shit bout dean he good peeps and most ppl agree **read above** true sadness but yo ya cant say shit cuz ya werent there neither was I but what happened happened and whats done is done he aint no check in pc case or rat or goof that be the word of cowards… and that I know to be fact dummy up eat a dick and try doin time instead of talkin shit like the cowards that ya be One!!!

  39. Justice · · Reply

    I think people should let this poor family grieve in peace and not disrespect the memory of their son regardless of the opinions they have on Chad. Whether that lad was an angel or not, he deserves to rest in peace. But anybody that thinks a cold, calculated killer is a “good guy” needs their head looking at! You’d be singing from a different song sheet if it was a member of your own family. No one deserves to die like he did.

  40. Concerned Winnipeger · · Reply

    Dean was working at Blacks Tattoo Shop in Winnipeg. Recently the owners fired him for suspicion of stealing over $5000.00. Charges could not be laid as there as no concrete proof it was him. However, he was the only one who had the opportunity. From what I understand, while working at the tattoo shop he was also involved in selling and using a variety of drugs. There is now a Canada Wide Warrant for his arrest. I think this guy is dangerous and hope that he is picked up soon.

  41. LORRAINE HARRIS · · Reply

    Dean is getting his full release and my family is so broken, please anyone who can stop this from going on help..He can get away with murder, beating with a weapon, escaping parole. I cannot stand to hear this. He might as well of taken me too, this is Chads mom and he just will not stop hurting us…I wish he could just stop, and for one second feel our pain…Chad Moms missing you more than the stars, moon and sun…I thought I could move on but this man never ever gets justice. Dean if you think your getting away so easily now, GOD WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY…HE LOVES HIS PEOPLE, THE DEVIL LOST 2000 YEARS AGO….KING TUT OF SHIT ISLAND. Dean what does is feel like to be so evil…or are you so far gone you a dead soul.

  42. I just want to thank all of you’s for Chad.. This is his mom….he will always be my stars,moon,and sun..Dean your a cruel heartless man without a soul. I wouldn’t want to be at your judgement. You may think your a king but you nothing but a popper Mr.Pharo Tut. You know what you did! You know what you are! Hide behind you native people who say poorboy hard life..I call you on that one..You don’t know what Chad had to live nor my family and this was enough to end my or my daughters life…But no way you just a loser from Hell so BBBUUUURRRRNNNN.

  43. I can’t imagine what you guys are going through Chads family it’s sickening knowing this piece of shit chug is pretty much getting away with it. If it was a Caucasian that did this it would be a hate crime. Hard life my ass don’t have to work and get everything handed to you. Quit molesting and raping each other on your fucking rez’s and blaming the white man. The Irish, Jewish, and Africans went through way more shit then “natives” or “aboriginals” or “first nations” whatever the fuck you want to be called now so quit your fucking crying. I have indian friends and they know how I feel and they agree with me. To Chads mom and family, I’m so sorry for your loss I would go completely off my rocker if this happened to my family. If this makes me racist then so be it whatever I don’t give a fuck I love all kinds. I hear so many white people gojng on about “hindus” “packis” try talking to them even if its hard for you to understand them probably the nicest people in this country. I’m not a racist just proud white man with English Irish and Scottish roots sick of watching the majority of natives getting treated like a 4 year old that fell of his/her bike and scratched his/her knee, oh and that bike was stolen or bought by the government

  44. Sam Steed · · Reply

    Dean, I hope someone is out there hunting you. Bullet in the head for this fuckin loser

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