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“I understand you like strange stories…”

We’ve long admired Lane DeGregory for her boundless curiosity and talent for storytelling. Learning more about how A Message From Roger came together is a delight; love how good writers are open to opportunity; love the play-by-play of the chase and the catch. Thanks to Society for Features Journalism for summing up how great journalism works: * That curiosity […]

Untold Stories

I’m always jealous fascinated by reporters who spy a brief and spot the potential for something bigger, something overlooked. Most famously (in my mind anyway) is the 300-word plug that ran in the New York Times Nov. 16, 1959: Holcomb, Kan., (UPI) — A wealthy wheat farmer, his wife and their two young children were […]

“The real story sometimes gets lost”

I’m trying to make time each day for a long read, and this Esquire brilliance by Chris Jones on the Zanesville animal escape made my heart race. It is pretty and scary at the same time — my favourite. Jones says he wanted to go to Zanesville from the start, but even though the story was being […]