Inside J.R.’s sentencing review hearing, it was all business. A carefully vetted presented assessment that was light on making public specific details and familiar in heaping praise on her obedience: following curfew and contact conditions, therapy participation etc. Once again, J.R. was painted as the poster child of Canada’s Intensive Rehabilitation and Custody and Supervision […]

J.R. is in the homestretch serving time for her triple first-degree murder conviction. Now nearly 21, she is facing a judge Thursday, Sept. 11 for one of her final sentencing review hearings. I’ll be there covering the story for the Calgary Herald, so follow me on Twitter @GirlReporter for the updates at 10 a.m. For […]

SkillShare   This might be too close to seeming like summer school, but it’s pretty thrilling to learn about writer Susan Orlean’s new SkillShare class.    

Hard to believe it’s been eight years.

Whoa. Shades of Runaway Devil in Ocala, Florida Daughter, 13, gets 15-year-old boyfriend to slit mother’s throat. This kind of case made history in Canada. I’m wondering what Americans think of it? It’s eerily similar to Runaway Devil’s case: A woman had her throat slit by her teenage daughter’s boyfriend. The girl’s parents opposed the […]

From Little Golden Books: Ahhh, rows and rows of people indeed. But I like that there is an editor-looking guy raging in the background. Accuracy.

Video: Dustin Paxton police interrogation. UPDATED: Dustin Paxton has been declared a dangerous offender today. That means he will be jailed indefinitely. Paxton was seen slouching and smirking as the judge read her ruling. He offered no apology, but he did say: “I’m working with these experts who are working to make me a better person,” […]


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